3 Simple Wall Art Ideas for your Living Room

Aug 26 , 2020

3 Simple Wall Art Ideas for your Living Room

3 Simple Wall Art Ideas for your Living Room

It can be difficult to decide on what kind of wall art you want for your living room. On the bright side, a guide exists on what kind of art you should consider in each room and how to display it. The next time you go shopping for canvas prints, consider some key elements. Size, quantity, theme and colour. Your living room is where you get to put your personality on display for your guests. Therefore the art that you hang should be a reflection of you.


When it comes to art prints, size matters

When you are looking at canvases to add to your living room, step back and actually observe the space. What kind of effect do you want to achieve? Are you a minimalist or do you want to fill the space? Living rooms do well with one massive piece above a focal point. Whether you hang it above a fireplace or behind the chair of the host. Large canvas prints truly makes a statement.


Art prints can be a numbers game

Sitting in a living room with new guests can be an awkward affair. Wall art usually breaks the ice.  That's why having enough art hanging in the living room can mean that there are more things to talk about. If you decided to go with small-sized art, then you can have more art pieces. Larger art with fewer pieces will give your living room a sense of space.


Pick the right theme for your desired wall art

If you take pride in your living room then you can think of it as a work of art. This means that the art you put in the living room should be part of that theme and it needs to be a piece that creates harmony in the living room. If you like your living room to be dark then it makes sense to go with a piece that gives off a dark and moody feel. Conversely, if you have a room that is very bright with minimal elements then you can hang a simple line drawing on canvas to convey that feeling.


It’s very simple to truly own your living room with the right wall art after considering size, quantity and overall theme. Now there is nothing holding you back from getting out there and finding the right canvas art for your living room.


Ivan Asem

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