5 Artists to Help You Learn Digital Art

Aug 24 , 2020

5 Artists to Help You Learn Digital Art

5 Artists to Help You Learn Digital Art

Do you want to learn digital art? Since digital art is digital, it makes the learning process easy. There are countless resources online and plenty of different tools to use to make the learning curve more fun. With all the digital art tutorials for beginners out there, it makes sense that getting distracted and taking in too much information can happen. That’s why this guide will help you figure out which artists you can start learning from today.

Aaron Blaise


If you love animals then you will love Aaron Blaise. He is a digital artist with a passion for nature and that passion really shines in his work. As far as digital artist jobs go, it’s safe to say that Aaron Blaise has had the best job. He spent 21 years animating some of Disney’s best movies such as Brother Bear, Aladdin and The Lion King, Mulan and so much more.

Aaron Blaise's YouTube channel dedicated to teaching new artists how to create digital art. His digital art tutorials are very comprehensive and he encourages you to paint along during his live sessions. When it comes to adding those finer details, Aaron Blaise makes sure to cover them.

Teela Cunningham

Teela Cunningham is an ambitious graphic designer who creates vibrant and distinct artworks. Her floral illustrations are one of a kind and she is an incredible source of fun skills to learn.

Teela’s channel on YouTube is filled with plenty of digital drawing tutorials and she releases a new one every Tuesday as part of her Every Tuesday specials. To sweeten the deal, she often gives away free custom brushes that she uses in her tutorials so that you can enjoy the process. 


Ergojosh (Ergo Josh) is another brilliant artist to learn from. He specialises in portraits and illustrations and does the most to make sure that you enjoy his digital art tutorial. 

Ergojosh’s Youtube channel looks like a work of art. He has tons of videos that will provide you with a list of skills to learn so that you can become a master digital artist. Once you start watching his videos it will be hard to stop. What really makes his channel stand out is the fact that he often critiques his fans work. He is definitely a great resource for free digital art tutorials.  

Sinix Design

Sinix design has been sharing his art journey since 2006. He is a digital artist with a marvel-like style that is very appealing. He preaches painting like a sculptor and it is effective.

Sinix’s videos often have him teaching art fundamentals while also talking about other principles in philosophy. He has a warm delivery and makes digital painting exercises fun to do. He also goes into a lot of detail on learning to learn skills for free.

Haze Long

Haze long is a fine artist from Vietnam and a personal favourite. Her art is beautiful and her digital work looks very much like the kind of art you would hang in a gallery.

Haze Long’s videos are meant to make you calm and in doing so, ease the learning process. Going through her channel, you could easily find 100 skills to learn. Her free digital painting tutorials also come with some free brush sets for Procreate. She is open about making mistakes along the way and shows viewers how to cope with them.

If you like a more realistic style for a digital drawing tutorial then Haze Long is definitely a must. Additionally, since she has a fine art background, she goes over what you need to learn digital skills. 


Ivan Asem

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