Here's Why Digital Art is Still Considered Real Art

Aug 31 , 2020

Here's Why Digital Art is Still Considered Real Art

Is Digital Art Really Art?

Many digital artists have heard this age-old question. How can digital art be considered art when you have the technology to help you create something that other artists can’t? That kind of thinking makes sense at face value but there is a lot to consider before deciding that digital art is not art. In a moment you will understand why it is art in every definition of the word.

Digital Portrait by YongGuang Tian

What is Art?

First thing’s first. Let’s make sure that we’re all on the same page about what art is and how we define it. According to Philosophy Now, art is a product or an expression of how we perceive the world. In simple terms, art is a creative way to communicate my feelings to you. 

 Dancing, music, poetry, writing and drawing are all typical forms of art. However, it's very simple to go beyond that with a little help from technology. 

Art Deco and the Decorative Arts in the 1920's and 1930's, McGill Library

Why do most people think digital work is not art?

A common misconception about art is that it is difficult to create. It has to be physical or require some amount of hard work. The truth is that there is no rule to how you can convey your feelings to another person. Art only requires an artist, a medium and an audience in order for any expression to happen.

It's too easy to look at digital art and assume that because it's all done digitally that it can't be true art. Additionally, artists, in general, can get no credit for work that appears "easy" simply because of the fact that people seem to enjoy intricate works of art. 

How is digital art different from traditional art?

Firstly, we use the digital means to create digital art. This means using computers, drawing tablets, cellphones or any other digital medium to create digital art.

The beauty of digital art is the ability to fix mistakes, make copies, use references much more easily and even experiment with various colours through the process.

Can anyone be a digital artist?

Yes. Anyone can be a digital artist just like anyone can be a traditional artist. It all depends on you and your willingness to create something and call it art. If you're asking if anyone can become a good artist then that depends mostly on your audience.

Get started by deciding on what you want to create and how. Decide what kind of feelings or expressions you want to put out in the world. Additionally, decide how much you care about your art being completely understood.

How is digital work original?

Original work is work that draws inspiration from several other concepts. Think of it as combining other original elements together and creating something new. Every artist in existence has taken some elements from work they appreciate and over time it has formed part of their style.

To get more information on how to use elements of other artists' work, you should see what Austin Kleon says on how to steal like an artist.


Digital Illustration by Balázs Kétyi

Digital art is true art in every way of the definition. It has a digital artist who is being expressive through a digital medium to an audience. Moreover, it's a really fun way to be creative and I strongly recommend it as a passion. Here's a guide on how to get started.


Ivan Asem

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