Wall Art Ideas - How to Choose the Right Art Decor For Your Home

Aug 08 , 2020

Wall Art Ideas - How to Choose the Right Art Decor For Your Home

When it comes to decorating your living space, art is a great way to do it. We have an emotional connection to art which means that when we see it, we can experience multiple levels of pleasure and trigger some delightful memories. Draping art on your walls is an excellent way to make sure that you feel good every time you walk through your living space.


Living Room Decor Should Add Life

Since this is a room where you spend the most time, it makes sense to hang something that has a lasting effect on your mood. Your living room might have plenty of distractions like your television, so your art has to blend in nicely with your living room. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get wall art decor where the predominant colour matches your wall. Black or white frames are consistently the best. 

As far as placement goes. Hang your artwork above a sofa and place your canvas at eye level. A great rule of thumb is to ensure that the bottom of your wall art is one head above the couch. This will ensure that guests don’t block your view of your wall art.

Keep the number of wall art decor to a minimum in the living room. You want to give this room a lot of space, so I suggest having two items of wall decor at most, especially for large pieces.

Hallway Art Decor Tells a Story

The hallway is an excellent spot for art because most homes have long corridors. This means that you could use the wall space to tell a story. Think about the last time you visited a friend and saw the family photos draped up on the walls of the hallway. As you strolled down the corridor, you watched a child grow up, a wedding, a family gathering and the list goes on.

A well-told story often has a theme. This is the same for the art decor you choose for your hallway. If you love whales, hang some wall art of your favourite sea mammal and use this space to show people what you love. Home decor should tell your story. Keep things fun by changing the theme every month.

The wall space in the hallway is also a fantastic place to play around with quantity. You can have several art prints of the same subject with slightly different poses so that there is an animated effect as you walk down the hall. Let your imagination guide you.

Size matters. Smaller prints and art canvases seem to do very well in hallways since the point is to have many art pieces. Remember that size and quantity have an inverse relationship. In other words, the bigger the art, the less art you should have in that space.

Bathroom Art Needs To Engage Your Imagination

The bathroom is a place where anxiety and impatience are an obstacle. That’s where your arsenal of wall art ideas will come in handy. The art you put in your bathroom should be able to distract whoever is in there, long enough to get business done.

Style is essential because it adds flavour when it comes to home decor. Abstract art has consistently proven to be the best when it comes to engaging the imagination. People will spend plenty of time trying to understand the meaning behind the artwork.

You should only keep one artwork in the bathroom, and protect it from any accidents that can happen. A framed print with a glass case is a good selection for this space.

The size of the canvas is entirely up to you.

Bedroom Wall Decor Should Be Personal

Your bedroom is where you do your dreaming. If you’re anything like me, it’s also where you spend a considerable amount of time thinking about life. It’s no surprise that this space is deeply personal, which is why the decor you choose should reflect what you would like to see.

You can decide what art you want to use for decorations. Ideally, you should keep things interesting by experimenting with different sizes and quantities. Get creative with colour and put in a mixture of wall art for the bedroom that has many different meanings to you. Your bedroom is like your mind, and there is so much potential to really make it your own.


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