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The Adinkra Symbols of Ghana are works of art that all have an individual meaning. There are over 200 symbols in existence used in art, pottery, clothing and even tattoos for those who are close to the culture. PopCocos Art's logo is made up of the Wisdom Knot. The Wisdom Knot represents choices and balance: A wise person will make the best choices to reach their goals.  You can learn more about the Adinkra Symbols here. Maybe you'll find one that represents you.
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Aya Adinkra

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The Aya Adinkra symbol represents endurance and resourcefulness. This is symbolized in the fern and its ability to grow in almost any conditions by adapting...

Aya Adinkra Plant - Poster

From $34.50
Aya - The Adinkra symbol of endurance and resourcefulness. This symbol is derived from a fern but has been often adapted to a monster plant....