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PopCocos Art is an online store I created to share my work with the world. The works sold on PopCocos Art are mostly created digitally and encompasses original work with styles inspired by other artists, life and people I am close to. Those three spheres are very vague but hopefully, a story of my relationship with art can make things clearer for you.
I am an artist from South Africa and Ghana. Art has always been a love of mine but for about 9 years, I shelved it to focus on other parts of my life. School, work, photography, partying, getting lost in the world, making bad decisions, creating beautiful memories and trying out new things.
Fast forward to 2020 and the world was facing a pandemic. We all had to be home for our own safety. Businesses were closing down indefinitely, many people who still had their jobs had to adapt to a work-from-home lifestyle and slowly but surely we all started to realize that life won’t be as we knew it.
Shortly before the pandemic, I moved back home to cut down on all my expenses while I looked for a permanent job as a consultant. I took on plenty of freelance work in digital marketing to fill the gap but I felt like there was something missing. I’ve always felt like there was something missing. I used my lock-down time to rediscover myself and revive my passion for creating things that made me happy.
Art came back into my life and for the first time in twenty-something years, I felt like my art had more spirit in it. At first, I was still learning to do everything again. Understanding forms, shape and color. After a while I found myself painting, sketching and creating works that I could be proud to show the world.
I created images of dreams that I had, the memories I missed and subjects that piqued my interest.
People on social media started asking me if they could buy some of my work, even the pieces that I personally felt weren’t my best and then I realized something very important about art. People can create meaning from anything. That meaning gives us pleasure and that’s the reason we enjoy life. Three lines in a song can send you down memory lines to the happiest day of your life and suddenly that song has meaning. That’s one of the many purposes of art that I love. I saw my work in a whole new light.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. With this in mind, I only ask that you do one thing when you buy my art. Ask yourself this:
“What does this mean to me?”
The more you ask that question, the more you start to look for meaning in other places in your life.
Thank you for taking the time to read an art lover’s story. I hope you enjoy my store!
Ivan “PopCocos” Asem
PopCocos Art